Flexible Soft Indoor LED Display Screen Full color

Flexible Soft Indoor LED Display Screen Full color

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Flexible Creative LED Display Product: FXS P1.86 Screen size: 22.63SQM Location: Australia Flexible creative design led display for gaming center, To improve Center Level.

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Flexible & Creative LED Display screen, Dynamic creativity- available for arbitrary arc shape, Excellent image performance on color uniformity by the high flatness, Stress is evenly distributed to all parts of modules - Sustainable reliability, The advanced modular technology fully maximize the screen smoothness.


Highly Transparent & Flexible LED Display Screen for Building Facades, - Size available to cut at any sizes, - Integrated Pixel Design and easy cable management, - High brightness & low power consumption, - High transparence 80-85%, - Convenient installation, free of steel frame structure, adapt to various types of buildings.

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