Highly Transparent LED Display Screen Media

Highly Transparent LED Display Screen Media

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Professional & Commercial



Transparent LED Display Product: TR P3.91X7.8 Screen size: 7SQM Location: Spain Highly Transparent led display for store advertising, A newly advertising solution to attract audience

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Highly Transparent LED Display for store advertising and Building facades, Thin & Light Weight, Energy Saving, Easy Installation.


Highly Transparent & Flexible LED Display Screen for Building Facades, - Size available to cut at any sizes, - Integrated Pixel Design and easy cable management, - High brightness & low power consumption, - High transparence 80-85%, - Convenient installation, free of steel frame structure, adapt to various types of buildings.

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Flexible Transparent Outdoor Led Display for Building Facades

Outdoor Flexible for Lighting Effect Product: FX P37.5 Screen size: 260sqm Location: China Building facade, intelligent setting, high-end effect for brand marketing.

Concert LED Display Screen With Transparent Effect

CX LED Display Curtain Mesh Product: CX P7.62 Screen size: 80SQM Location: Australia Background Rental led display, Curtain mesh effect