There are three main categories of resolution use cases — and a real example from each.

Communication display

At about 48 to 60 pixels tall, you’ve got enough resolution to display a text-based message to your audience. Whether that’s “Free Oil Change” or “25 percent off, today only,” words are usually all you need to captivate passersby and get them to take action.

Graphic display

Moving up to 61 to 100 pixels tall puts you in a new category — one where displaying visual imagery becomes possible. Icons, logos, 3D text, and basic graphic representations of the products and services you’re promoting are all fair game.

Video display

Once you’re above 100 pixels tall, you’re in high-resolution video display territory. The content you can display here is more akin to what you’d see on your favorite streaming service. You can show video or premium images that look vivid and appealing.