When you are about to purchase a LED Display screen, for indoor or outdoor, advertising, retail, sport, rental & traffic led sign, or information, it is important to ask one technical parameter date sheet.

This document must always contain a minimum number of essential features such as resolution, pixel pitch, brightness, IP rate, refresh rate, led module size, display size with and without any possible enclosure:

1. Screen Resolution (horizontal pixels by vertical pixels),
2. Pixel pitch (distance between the centers of adjacent RGB dots);
3. SQM Resolution(number of pixels per square meter);
4. Type of LEDs used (SMD 3 IN 1, 4 IN 1, DIP, 2727RGB etc);
5. Brightness (in NIT, i.e. candelas per square meter, > 6000 for outdoor use);
6. IP protection rating (IP65 for outdoor use,IP31 for Indoor use)
7. Horizontal/vertical viewing angle.
8. Total weight
9. Power consumption ,maximum/average power consumption is required to prepare well the site and plan the total investment.

Those basic information other things should be added up which all very important to understand if the model is suitable.

Again, if you are confused, Talk to LEDventure !