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May 23,2023


No warranty liability shall be assumed by LEDventure for defects or damages due to the following conditions

5.1 Unless written agreed otherwise, this Warranty Policy does not apply to consumables, including but not limited to connectors, networks, fiber optic cables, cables, power cables, signal cables, aviation connectors, and other wire and connections.

5.2 Defects, malfunctions or damages caused by improper use, improper handling, improper operation, improper installation/disassembly of the display or any other customer misconduct. Defects, malfunctions or damages caused during transportation.

5.3 Unauthorized disassembly and repair without permission of LEDventure.

5.4 Improper use or improper maintenance not in accordance with the product manual.
5.5 Man-made damages, physical damages, accident damages and product misuse, such as component defect damage, PCB board defect, etc.

5.6 Product damage or malfunction caused by Force Majeure Events, including but not limited to war, terrorist activities, floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, etc.

5.7 The product shall be stored in a dry, ventilated environment. Any product defects, malfunctions or damages caused by storage in an external environment that does not comply with the product manual, including but not limited to extreme weather, humidity, salt haze, pressure, lightning, sealed environment, compressed space storage, etc.

5.8 Products used in conditions not meeting product parameters including, but are not limited to lower or higher voltage, extreme or excessive power surges, improper power conditions.

5.9 Defects, malfunctions, or damages caused by non-compliance with technical guidelines, instructions, or precautions during the installation.

5.10 Natural loss of brightness and color under normal conditions. Normal degradation in the performance of the Product, normal wear and tear.

5.11 Lack of necessary maintenance.

5.12 Other repairs not caused by product quality, design, and manufacturing.

5.13 Valid warranty documents cannot be provided. Product serial number is torn or damaged. Product shell or other external parts are damaged.

5.14 Repairs after Warranty Period.

5.15 Products which have too significant damages caused by mishandling, accidents, improper maintenance, and failure to comply with product manual to be prepared.

5.16 Products malfunctions caused by unmatched play or control devices that are not provided by LEDventure. If Products are damaged arising out of the aforementioned unmatched devices and require LEDventure’s repair, charging rate shall be as per Article 7.4.

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