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Jul 08,2023

Exciting Drifting in Gulong Gerge From LEDventure

The temperature gradually soared, the heat wave began to threaten, is there not only dabble, but also a certain challenge? Yes, drifting! 


On July 8, our top sales team went to Qingyuan, to a trip that said to go, a group of people to challenge Gulong Gorge, can experience the style and comfort in tension and relaxation; Increase collaboration and cohesion in the team; Qingyuan Gulong Gorge rafting is known as "the top of the rafting, the king of the drop", is the most exciting rafting in Guangdong, no one. Recommended index five stars!

Because the distance is relatively far, we set off from Shenzhen at six o 'clock in the morning, arrived at Qingyuan about 9:30, no accident, we are the first batch, but also fortunately is the first batch. Then wait for the scenic vehicle to take us to the starting point, and then go to the rafting entrance. Line up at the entrance to get helmets and life jackets and then you can get on board! Hot weather, but the water is very cold, the moment of boarding, very cold! Starting the exciting rafting road!

It's the best time to go rafting in the reason. On both sides of the river, the gorge is deep and steep, the cliff confronts, the mountains are high and the forests are dense, the ancient trees are towering and the vines are intertwined. The whole green shade, give you the whole cool enjoyment, not like the seaside, no sunburn worries.

At this time, I will find that a weapon purchased with heavy money is no more than a ladle of water! We had no weapons but to sneak attack, no doubt, we end up with a lot of screaming! The actual time of the whole drift feels less than an hour, but it feels exhausted the physical strength of the day, after all, the melee is still very hard.

Drifting at the end of the noon, lunch time is here, how can not eat Qingyuan chicken in Qingyuan? With a special pot of durian chicken pot, choose local chicken, with fresh durian ingenuity, special flavor, directly hit your taste buds! The flesh is delicate, smooth and creamy, it tastes like ice cream, and the mouth is dense and juicy, making people feel happy!

Drift end, eat and drink enough, the group building activities are basically over, with what to end it? Wet rafting photos? That doesn't exist! Then let's have a happy group photo!

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