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Apr 08,2023

Team Activity In April 2023 From LEDventure

Dayan Peak, among the top ten peaks in Shenzhen, it ranks third. Companied with Qiniang Mountain, close to Daya Bay, there are 5 viewing platforms on the way, with a 365-degree panoramic view of mountains and seas, beautiful to the extreme. Walking through the mountain, overlooking Sanmen Island, we began our challengement to the top of Dayan Peak, and aimed to improve the strong willpower of our team.

Then, proceed to the top together. With the mountain ups and downs, we toughly arrived at the No.4 viewing platform. Looking back, how extremely beautiful scenery it was! Enough for us to forget the hardships before.

Finally, come to the Dayan top! Standing at the altitude of 801 meters and looking at the sky, it seemed that we could reach the sky easily at our fingertips. Surrounded by clouds and mist, it was like being in a fairyland, a unique feeling, but not lacking vitality, which made us feel a sense of accomplishment!

Lunch time was coming! Our team shared bread with each other. The lunch seemed to be more delicious than before after the challengement, and after filling our stomachs, we went down the mountain one by one.


On the way down, the scenery was also beautiful. The coastal cliffs were particularly spectacular with the long coastline and reefs. How incredible sea view it was!  


After succeed to challenge the Dayan Peak, everyone was exhausted and hungry, so the seafood feast came!

A happy and fruitful day was coming to an end.We believe, an excellent team culture comes from an excellent team, and an excellent team was based on an excellent team culture. With high fighting spirit, the team will fully exert team spirit in their future work. With more enthusiastic working attitude, the team will fight for the newly greater contributions to the company's more brilliant future.

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