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May 13,2023

Product Training in May 2023

On May 12th, 2023, International sales department once again carried out a new phase of product training, but this time the training method is different from the past. After introducing the hot selling products in turn, our members will think about the needs of customers from the perspective of customers, give our clients the most appropriate solutions. here we go!

UHD Series is a newly designed series, panel size 16:9 ratio - 600x337.5mm, S-PWM IC solution technology, more than 3840HZ refresh rate for high quality image. It is easy make 4:3, also easy for 16:9 led screen sizes. Pixels 0.937mm, 1.25mm, 1.56mm, 1.87mm, 2.34mm. 

Introducing UHD series

X Series is very popular for HD resolution events, easy to assemble 10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1x0.5m for rental events. Module using wireless connection solution, more convenient installation.

Introducing X series

SPⅡ series- Sport stadium led screen is newly designed 16/9 design which use for sport stadium for brand marketing during sport events, such as World cup etc. also available for fixed installation design. This series led screen require very strictly in led screen cabinet design, soft mask to protect led, security glue, standing legs, viewing adjustable parts.


Introducing SPII series

FXS Series (Flexible LED module) improved from traditional flexible strip, combine with traditional led module, with flexible beauty, wide viewing angle design. Module size is available 320x160m, 256x128mm, 240x120mm. Flexible LED modules can be assembled into different curved display screens according to installation requirements, including pillar screens, spherical design and many other multi-curved shapes with "softness" as, attracting audiences with more marvelous and true-vision view.


Introducing FXS series

We believe that only by going deep into the product and understanding the product, can we provide our clients with best and most appropriate solution and help our clients to win their projects 


Introducing cross led sign for pharmacy

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