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Mar 03,2023

Product Training March 2023

On March 3rd ,International Operating Department launched the training of new products.The training was launched for consolidating sales’ knowledge of products and servicing clients better in order to  follow the market’s step & face the rat race.  The training introduced the hot-selling products--Indoor Fixed and Rental, especially the X Series-Rental and IX Ⅱ Series Fixed. They are available pixels in P1.25mm P1.5mm 1.8mm P2.5mm, P1.95mm, P2.6mm,P2.976mm, P3.91mm.


The Viewing Distance to Led Screen, Introducton and Application of Piexls's Training

X Series-Rental Product Service

Module Touch

IX II Series Fixed Spare List Training

Photoshoot at the End

LEDventure has been paying attention to every employees with training, to ensure employees obtaining production information, skills, better service for clients, which is an important guide to make the most of their talents, comes out a lot of knowledge.

Extending our exist advantages while lessing the weakness,  for a long term development also efficiency, improvements of LEDventure' service with a stable ,healty and sustainable prospect. Training will be always exist for the whole company by different levels, also we will try our best to provide employees with enough fertilizer and sunshine in their future.

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