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Nov 04,2022

Birthday party in LEDventure

There is a culture that moistens things silently. There is a kind of love, quietly into the heart. employee birthday party, the deepest affection, the deepest love. We are very lucky, in the most beautiful times together, in order to the heart of the dream, fight together, break through together, during working time in LEDventure, because of you, never be alone again. Happy birthday to longevity stars in November!

Employee’s birthday party was held in the conference room on 3th November. we gathered together to celebrate the birthday.

Light the candles, with the birthday song, the  birthday party officially begins. In the warm applause of everyone, the longevity stars began to make wishes. The development of the company cannot be separated from the joint efforts of everyone. We hope that through each birthday party, all of us can feel the warmth of the big family of LEDventure, also hope that everyone can work enthusiastically and actively in this big family to create a better future.


What happens is gone, time will become a memory, but those smiling faces in sight, worth our remembering! Finally, wish the longevity stars happy birthday, always happy, let the sunny days always accompany us every day!

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