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Oct 09,2022

Training session in LEDventure’s Factory

In order to have a better understanding and use of the products, our sales team members participated in a product training course well organized by the company at the factory on Oct.18, 2022.Throughout the training, particularly in SP II series , OX series and IX series, we have fully and well learned about the products at multiple levels. 

Here are some wonderful moments of our training session.

SP II Series product trainning (Perimeter Sports)


OX series product trainning (Outdoor Front Service Type)

Nova control system training course (Hardware connection, Receiving card Type, Software operation)


IX Series training + OX Series Cabinet installation Type

Finally, end with summary, questions and answers, group photo in the end

After the training, everyone has benefited a lot. It was carried out in such an active way by positive question and vivid explanation in multiply aspect throughout the training, which referred to a fully knowledge about our products, including concepts, packing, price, service and how to solve well those problems we meet as usual, in order to meet customers’ requirement well and make them clearer about our products.

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