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Sep 27,2022

LEDventure September activities ---- Hike to Dalu Port

Dalu Port has the purest and most beautiful sea water in Shenzhen.   Difficult to reach due to its remote location. The beaches and sea are not polluted in here.When the weather is good, the sea water is more crystal clear, like a transparent light blue jelly, the opposite of the sea is the Hong Kong, China, backed is the Honghualing, and both sides are Yougan Bay and Moyan Reef, absolutely worthy of the name--glass sea!

Today weather is nice, we drove to the DaPeng at seven o 'clock in the morning , take an hour and a half arrived at the foot of Egong Mountain, all people bring the food , water and other equipment begin the 4km mountain road. first 3.3 kilometers was machine-ploughed road, but the last 700 meters is steep forest road, is more diffcult than machine-ploughed road, althought is just 700 meters but at least walked for more than half an hour, on the mountains way, you can saw many wild fruit they taste sweet and sour.

Although the journey was difficult, but when you reaching the destination, you can feeling all the fatigue and sweat are worth it. Look at the sand on the beach is white and fine, the sea water is clear and blue. There are many tourists, is look like come to an another beautiful world. the mountains and rivers blend together, the stream flowing down from the mountains is very cool, the sea water is warm and comfortable. The two form a sharp contrast. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a paradise in Shenzhen, AMAZING!

Blue sea is sparkling in the sun, we are barefoot on the beach, scouring the sea, swim in the sea, with the undulating waves, blowing the sea breeze, playing, noise, at that moment, it seems like the whole world it has nothing to do with us, all the troubles are thrown into the clouds!

We found a shade place to eat some food replenish the strength, take a minute rest, then started to back. You know it was a downhill road when we came. But now, it was an uphill road and is was a super big advanture for us. exhausted and laborious.

One hour later, we finally back to the foot of the mountain. For reward the success we decided to have a seafood dinner. Because there it’s near to the sea, all seafood taste freshly. The shrimps are delicious and sweet, the crabs are fragrant and crisp. The scallops are salty and spicy, the kiln chicken is refreshing, The abalone has a full taste and a long aftertaste...


With the sun has gone down and the exhausting day was ending.we start to return back home. Dalu Port is undeveloped, so the water is so limpid and blue that people feel that the color of jadeite is too light, and the color of sapphire is too dark, almost haven’t a word can describe it. The sea breeze on your face feel fresh, away from the tense city, embrace of the nature, breathe fresh air, watch the sea surging waves, feel the soft beauty of mountain streams! Team outdoors activity, alway increase our willpower, cheer for once again successfully challenged and feel gratified and proud for ourself !

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