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Jun 20,2022

Team Building from LEDventure in June 2022

Paiya Mountain is located in Dapeng Peninsula of Shenzhen. Its peak is 707 meters above sea level, and it is the sixth highest mountain in Shenzhen, due to the rocks of erosion by sea breeze over the year, the dangerous cliff like teeth and teeth in Paiya Mountain have been created through the Paiya Mountain a total length of about 13 kilometers.

Paiya Mountain is one of the most scenic routes in shenzhen outdoor mountain, with beautiful scenery along the way and invincible seascape . From the mountain, you can see the scenery of the sea and sky. Although the mountain is only 13 kilometers, its takes about 7-8 hours to complete the whole journey. It is the first dangerous peak in Shenzhen.

We set out at 6 a.m. in the morning and drove there by car. When we sent out, the weather was cloudy and misty with a litter rain. The colleagues think this is the good weather for travel and it was very cool. We first went to the farm to start our own barbecue, and then we have the strength “challenge”Paiya Mountain when we were full!

We negotiated the purchase of ingredients by ourselves, brushed the pizza plate with oil, spread the pizza on the plate firmly, and the spread the ingredients we like to eat, such as pineapple and mango fruit pizza, green pepper and shrimp seafood pizza, sprinkled with cheese, is full of sense of achievement after completion!
After eating and drinking, we decided to head for the perilous peak!

Through bushes, streams and jungles.

Walk past the ridge, see the seascape on the other side, put a handsome pose to eat a steamed bun, take a photo!!! But midway through it began to rain heavily. The grass was higher than man, and we walked through the bushes.


It was too dangerous the road was to be slippery under heavy rain and we were forced to go halfway down the mountain, we did not succeed in the challenge finally. Although the challenge did not succeed, but also experienced the steep Paiya Mountain!

After the tour of Paiya Mountain, we came to the beach at Jiaochangwei. Everyone changed into clean the comfortable clothes and strolled along by the seaside, picked up some beautiful shells as a souvenir!

The fresh seafood will not move for a moment in the pot, crabs , scallops are delicious and have a lot of a aftertaste. Shrimp flavor rich, fragrant overflowing, dry and crispy on the outside, and white through red. Fragrant, delicious, hard to replicate, chewed for a long time.
At about 6:30 p.m., we finished this wonderful trip! Although we haven’t complete all the crossings, we are still very happy . we will cross, play, eat dinner with my colleagues, and help each other. After all, we usually exercise too little, we are very tired but also very happy, looking forward to the next activity!!!

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