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Apr 28,2022

Climb to the top of Yapoji to enjoy the best view on the mountain---LEDventure trip in April

There was life everywhere, flowers bloom, grass turns green in April in Shenzhen. After the Qingming Festival, the weather is obviously hot. Taking off the heavy winter clothes, facing the warm sunshine, there is always an urge to embrace nature.

In the spare time of busy work, top sales team from LEDventure go to nature to breathe fresh air, exercise muscles, exercise, get close to nature, feel the breath of nature and promote mutual understanding and communication among team members. In order to strengthen everyone to build and cultivate team spirit and cooperation awareness, and increase team cohesion, our "April Outing Tour" began.

On the morning of April 16 (Saturday), the sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly. Although the weather was a little hot, our enthusiasm of climbing the mountain was undiminished. We first went to the supermarket to buy foods, and then drove all the way to Yapoji to start our mountaineering trip.

Starting to climb, it's getting steeper

Let's start climbing! Everyone was full of energy and high spirits, striving towards the top of the mountain. Although some partners have slowed down their climbing due to physical reasons, but we encourage and helped each other to show our solidarity.

Break through all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, we are not afraid of difficulties, and move forward bravely. After about half an hour, we all reached the top.

The mountain wind blew in bursts, drying the sweat from the climbing process. When we looked around, we really had the feeling of "All mountains in a single glance". All the beautiful scenery in the mountains can be seen. It looks very moving.

The sweat and excitement on everyone's faces, the intimate chats and laughs with each other, from down the mountain to the top of the mountain, no employee gave up or slackened in the process of climbing the mountain, and the company leaders set an example and led everyone to climb bravely. Good manners that are not afraid of hardships and dangers.

Happy to reach the top

Snacks at the top of the mountain

After challenging Yapoji Mountain, we were ready to go down. As the saying goes: going downhill is easy, but going uphill is difficult.

After coming down from the mountain, we headed to the farm to start preparing the ingredients for cooking. Each person was responsible for one dish and completed the dinner together.

After the meal, we played the post-dinner game "Guess the Words" to relax the tiredness of mountain climbing. It was the perfect end to this mountaineering activity!

From this mountaineering activity, we have always carried forward the spirit of hard work, unity and cooperation. We are not only experienced the difficulty and sense of achievement of mountaineering, but also showed that LEDventure partners are a team of united and tenacious. This activity promoted the construction of LEDventure's corporate culture, enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, promoted exchanges between everyone, and enhanced the friendship between everyone.

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