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Oct 25,2023

Best Coastline Hiking Journey

On October 21, Our top international sales team had a crossing activity along the most beautiful coastline in Shenzhen. Everyone Starts from Dong Chong, we overcame many difficulties and crossed five peaks and four sections of coastline, hiking through 6km. It took seven hours to reach the end of Xi Chong. It's a contest of physical strength and perseverance! 

Here's to share the beautiful scenery we experienced all the way......

The most beautiful thing in travel is not only the scenery, but also the people who walk together. Although the mileage is only 6 kilometers, it is not an easy journey to climb ropes and step on the rocks along the coastline. Walking along the coastline, while admiring the beauty of the scenery, we must also be careful of the stones under our feet, as slight negligence may cause ankle sprains. We met a lot of children during the trip, and they all go forward bravely, which was really great !

Here, you need to climb, and the steep slopes have ropes and iron chains to protect and needs to be used on hands and feet,testing everyone’s climbing skills. While climbing steep mountains and crossing coastlines, the team members worked closely together and supported each other to overcome various difficulties and challenges. Everyone encourages each other, stimulates team spirit and keeps go forward.

Flying over eaves and run on the walls all the way......

After the crossing, to celebrate the success of the activity, everyone went to the local seafood restaurant and enjoyed hearty a seafood meal. Everyone tasted the food and recall the in the process of crossing, laughter continued and atmosphere was very harmonious.

The process of hiking after a day is inevitably hard, but the moments of the beauty in front of you, everyone’s cheer and laughter, helping each other and taking beautiful photos will make you forget the pain in your feet, and you get a beautiful mood, laughing, walking, and enjoying the present ! 

This east and west crossing activity not only exercised everyone’s physical strength and perseverance, but also more importantly, enhanced the understanding and unity between teams, deepened understanding and trust, and established closer team relationships.

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