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Jan 13,2024

2024 LEDventure Group Building Press Release - Pengdao Pearl

In order to create a passionate, responsible and happy working atmosphere, so that we can better put into the next work, our international sales team in Shenzhen Pengdao Pearl successfully organized a unique group building activities!

At eight o'clock in the morning, our group set off together with bright smiles and full of anticipation, and after an hour's drive came to the activity base - Pengdao Pearl Ecological Park.

In the morning, we experienced the valiant archery; exciting mountain buggy, we fully felt the thrill of driving; real CS games further enhance the cooperation and competition between the team's sense of awareness, laughter to enhance the tacit understanding between the team.

After finishing these activities, we started the picnic. We divided the labor into cooperation, some prepared the ingredients, some were in charge of cooking, and some were in charge of arranging the food. The picnic lunch was a great way to enjoy the deliciousness of the outdoor nature and the fun of cooking together brought us closer.

In the afternoon leisure activities, swinging made everyone feel the joy of childhood, playing table tennis and badminton exercised our body, while Karaoke let everyone release the pressure and enjoy the charm of music.

The group building activity not only enhanced the friendship among the team, but also made us understand each other better and injected new energy for the new year. We are looking forward to the next group building activity to continue to create more wonderful memories.

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