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Mar 23,2024

LEDventure March Team Building Trips Release

Just after the rainy season, it is a good time to hike the mountain, On the 23rd, LEDventure friends came to a drum range - goose Gongji - garden mountain crossing, experienced a Shenzhen version of Zhangjiajie.

We set off at seven o 'clock in the morning, arrived at the starting point at eight thirty, We followed the dirt road up the mountain, and after a while, we were pulled up from the woods. Suddenly, we had a clear view of Pingshan and Longgang.

Continuing along the dirt road, you can see the pavilion at the top of Daguzhang. Looking at the Shenzhen version of "Qiandao Lake" from the pavilion, the top of the mountain is foggy, but it is also refreshing.

Then we move on to the next mountain goose bun. Then, after a short rest, we crossed the floodway and the road of the hydropower station and continued on our way. Six hours later we finally reached the top of the goose Bun.

Take a break. We're going down the hill. Then it enters the range of Yuanshan. Yuanshan is named after the Shenzhen version of "small Zhangjiajie", it takes seven hours to get out of Yuanshan and complete the whole trip!

In the process, everyone encouraged each other and constantly challenged themselves! In the spring of hope, we are full of passion and sail forward with the company!

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