OX 2 Product Photo



OX 2 Product Photo

OX 2 Product Photo

Displays more vivid and detailed content EDL technology for ultra-high consistency
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    Displays more vivid and detailed content EDL technology for ultra-high consistency

    Application scenario


    Gas Station

    Shopping Mall


  • OX Ⅱ

    Leading giant Screen Advertising Media


  • Super Brightness
    Standard product size

    - Standard Size: 1000x1000mm/1000x750mm/1000x500mm

    - High Refresh rate >3840HZ

    - Front service Back service available.

    - Pixel available P3.91-10.42mm

  • Impactful Colors

    Unprecedented contrast ratio of 20,000:1

    presents brilliant colors,Impactful dynamic message,

    Highly color uniformity quality.

  • Dual Front Service
    Easy Job

    - ront service back service Series newly designed Cabinet.

    - Thin and aluminum cabinet with a light weight option.

    - Save much local job costs.

  • OX Ⅱ High Saving Energy By 25%

    Compared to other Traditional products, saves energy by 25%,

    leading to lower operational costs.

  • Smart Brightness, Always
    Stunning Image

    The screen brightness automatically adopts to the sunlight condition in outdoor environment, so as to achieve good display effect and reduce the power consumption of the screen

  • All Weather Durability

    - IP65 water proof module with excellent protection to withstand extreme weather conditions

    - Fanless power supply box with water-proof ring ensures stable performance and long battery life

    - OX Ⅱ modules use a hollow bottom frame for better heat dissipation

  • 5,000 Hours Mean Time with ZERO Failures

    Industry-leading technology endows OX Ⅱ with an average of 5000 hours of continuous and trouble-free operation, fully guaranteeing the efficient delivery of advertisements, ensuring the real-time transmission of information, and creating unlimited value for advertisements with full firepower

  • Easy Maintenance

    - Every step of the maintenance has been simplified for easy and fast operation purpose

    - Modular power box is convenient for front maintenance which allows removing faulty power supply without removing all modules

    - Modules supports front and rear maintenance

  • Light And Slim

    - Weight is only 28kg/M2 and thickness is 100mm, requiring less installation structure and maintenance space

    - More screens available to load in the same container.

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