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Mar 23,2024

LEDventure March Team Building Trips Release

Just after the rainy season, it is a good time to hike the mountain, On the 23rd, LEDventure friends came to a drum range - goose Gongji - garden mountain crossing, experienced a Shenzhen version of Zhangjiajie.

Mar 15,2024

LED Screens Product Training from LEDventure

In order to allow the sales staff of the company's international department to understand LED display product knowledge more intuitively and comprehensively, so that subsequent sales work can be carried out smoothly, we held a new round of training sessions in the factory at two o'clock in the afternoon on March 15th.

Jan 13,2024

2024 LEDventure Group Building Press Release - Pengdao Pearl

In order to create a passionate, responsible and happy working atmosphere, so that we can better put into the next work, our international sales team in Shenzhen Pengdao Pearl successfully organized a unique group building activities!

Dec 25,2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024

LEDventure Christmas holidays and happy new years

Oct 25,2023

Best Coastline Hiking Journey

Best Coastline Hiking Journey On October 21, Our top international sales team had a crossing activity along the most beautiful coastline in Shenzhen. Everyone Starts from Dong Chong, we overcame many difficulties and crossed five peaks and four sections of coastline, hiking through 6km. It took seven hours to reach the end of Xi Chong. It's a contest of physical strength and perseverance

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