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Dec 01,2022

Software Training in LEDventure’s Factory

In order to offer best service with professional knowledge of led screen for LEDventure’s customers,we held the product software training course on 28th November 2022. in our workshop. Throughout the training,particularly in 3D holographic,Taurus series system’s software operation. 


Demo of 3D holographic screen


Training for 3D holographic screen

Real practice for operating screen Software

we have a good Team !

After the training,everyone has benefited a lot,especially we put it into practice and consider all possible problems our cooperative customers who are going to face,how to solve these problems quickly and precisely in order to offer the best service as we can.LEDventure shouldn’t only focus on providing led screen solution and produce led screen,mostly importantly,we need to service our client and let them to know how to operate the screen easily and cooperate with us happy.
As we always say,a good beginning is half done. A happy ending is a key to success!

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